BNRG Update for Nov 22

Why Dec 16 Should Be on Your Calendars

  • December 16 Target: the first version of our Beta will be released within Infineon and tested with roughly 30 employees. This version 1 is a preliminary release and early feedback.
  • February 1, just after Chinese New Year, version 2 is targeted for release with full machine learning capability in the backend.

What Exactly Can the BNRG Community Expect?

  • We are building first the nudging engine and backend. This will be built specifically to Infineon’s needs and focus on their digital transformation and AI adoption.
  • The February 1 version with full ML capability will then be retooled specifically to BraiNergy, brain health, and supporting the ageing workforce.
  • This approach makes the best use of the resources available and gets the technology soft-launched more quickly.
  • This approach gives us two product lines that can be taken to market.
  • This approach allows us to test and learn, and iterate before we retool for BraiNergy and brain health.

What Will Be Your Opportunity?

Driving Use of the BNRG Token

Marketing BNRG and Moving Toward a Community and Exchange

Research Update and the Singapore Field Study

COVID Update

Next Update Week of December 12



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Michael Netzley, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder of Extend My Runway. AI-for-good start-up leveraging neuroscience to improve brain health and build smarter brains for a longer life and career.