How a Successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is Like a Skateboard

Extend My Runway has successfully wrapped-up the first delivery of its MVP. Here’s what we learned, how it will shape our 2021 product development, and the value to utility token buyers and the EMR ICO. Do check out our Ethical ICO white paper.

Can You Really Impact Behaviours in 60 Seconds a Day?

How will the MVP Shape EMR’s 2021 Product Development?

The list of insights or take-aways is robust. Using a digital workspace (e.g., Mural or Miro - like tool) and breaking people into small groups, we were able to capture very fine details that will guide our next steps.

  • What’s the actual reading pattern? Answering this question enables us to adopt a jujutsu approach and leverage existing behaviours to enhance nudge consumption.
  • What resonated? In many ways the MVP was a giant A/B test and we started drafting broad in-bounds and out-of-bounds markers about what recipients prefer and what they avoid (or, what works and what doesn’t).
  • Where does our time actually go? This is a cost question, and discovering where to focus and reduce our delivery costs is a great takeaway.

How Does This Benefit the EMR Token Community and the ICO?

Extend My Runway (EMR) “turns silver into gold.” We support longer lives and careers via Asia’s first data-driven platform for improving brain performance. EMR combines neuroscience with Ai to deliver a personalised, scalable, and blockchain-secured brain performance solution. By joining our ICO, utility token holders become amongst the first to build a better brain.



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Michael Netzley, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder of Extend My Runway. AI-for-good start-up leveraging neuroscience to improve brain health and build smarter brains for a longer life and career.