How to Overcome Fears Related to Entrepreneurship?

Let’s discuss the fears which are stopping you from being an Entrepreneur

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Fear is an emotional product. Fear is everywhere. We as human beings are driven by emotions. Our most decisions are driven by fear.

Most of the people get educated due to fear. Fear of what???

I will not get a good job without a good education.

I will not be able to maintain a good lifestyle.

I will not get or maintain a good status in society.

These all are fears at their core.

So, fears are there. They are part of your life and maybe of your thinking too. They are not going anywhere. You have to tweak them and yourself a bit. When you are thinking of converting some ideas into reality, I agree you might have big fears. But you have to deal with them wisely.

Fear is good. It is good to take sensible decisions, to keep yourself in a realistic world, and to face the things as they are. But sometimes so much fear can stop you from growing too.


Yes. That’s the case when you are thinking of starting your journey in entrepreneurship.

Let us discuss a bit more.

Reasons for fear :

There are two things which are mostly associated with us and are the reasons behind our fears.

The first one is related to necessities. Everyone needs a basic amount of money to have a sustainable life. It is your basic need that you cannot neglect and is not related to what you are doing. Whether you are having a job, either you are freelancing or you are studying, you have to earn a certain amount.

The second one is more about our lifestyle and luxuries. We want to hang out with friends. We want to socialize, which is a necessity too to refresh ourselves. This second thing, although is necessary too you can live without it if you become more realistic.

You have read both the reasons for fear.

How to not fear?

Now let us discuss how we can have a basis to not fear anymore.

Establish yourself as a brand :

First thing is that when you probably enter your prototype stage of a startup, you may need to leave your job. The foremost need for a person even if you are doing a startup or not, is that you should establish yourself as a brand.

Why I am saying that?

Because companies are not reliable. They may get bankrupt, they may fire you, they may get closed due to any reason. But if you are yourself a brand, then, you have a strong backing of your reputation. If whatever happens to your company, your career is not on stake. And it also pays off to you when you are starting an entrepreneurial journey.

It may help you with getting freelance work that can overcome your money-related fears. It may help you get good connections in the industry which are invaluable. So, the first lesson for you is to focus on personal branding. That’s going to help you in the coming days believe me.

Meet business-aware people :

The second thing is related to not-so-important things in life, Your friends are important to you I realize. But filter them out. Those who have an entrepreneurial mindset or are doing some business, sit with them.

Get ideas from them. Meet with them to excel in your professional life. Learn good practices from them. Their experiences are invaluable. You will not get it from an incubator or startup coach. Get it from them and use their experiences to correct your path. That’s the second lesson for you.

Prioritize things :

The third lesson is that you have an idea that’s why you are thinking of a startup. My opinion is if you can create some social value out of your idea or startup, do it.

Start outlining the main things.

Make a timeline for yourself.

Allocate time for each step.

Outline resources for it and start it.

Prioritize things. It’s really important to sort out things which matter to you. A person who doesn’t prioritize never reaches his goals. Goals are destinations. And destinations are meant to be followed with a direction. If you move in the direction of the destination, only then you can reach it.

You don’t have an idea. What to do?

And yes.

Another thing. Some people think that they don’t have an idea. Something innovative or different. If you are that person, you need to focus here. The thing is that startup is not something we can call it an invention. It’s related to innovation. Invention means when you bring out something new or unique to the world. But Innovation means when you are presenting the same thing differently.

I can understand your concern that you cannot invent anything. And that’s perfectly fine. Inventors are scarce but innovators are abundant. What if you cannot invent but you can innovate for sure. Look out for things someone has already implemented. Think out the ways you can improve it and present it differently to people.

Do you know?

Uber was a completely different idea — a unique execution, the concept of ride-hailing — but Careem, Bolt, Snapp, and all predecessors weren’t. They are no more than a replication of the same idea.

But they got successful. Why?

Because they didn’t invent. They didn’t do anything different. But what did they do? They innovated. They offered the same thing Uber presented differently to different people in different markets. And They got succeeded.

Conclusion :

Inventors are great but Innovators are awesome. If you think you can make something much better, you can solve a problem differently, you can address a thing more effectively, Just do it. You are an entrepreneur. Just start.

Just take the fear out of you. Maybe a successful entrepreneurial career is waiting for you.



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