3 Steps to Revitalize your Patio with Exterior Stone Sealer

If you have stone materials in your patio, pathway, driveway or garden, you know so well that without proper maintenance and cleaning, the natural rustic look of stones can eventually weaken and will look totally worn-out. This is the reason why expert builders at Wakefield Mfg. recommend the use of exterior stone sealer for your outdoor areas with stones. We manufacture high quality and top of the line sealants for concrete, stones, wood and brick materials that lasts longer for up to four times than our competitors in the industry. If your patio is starting to show age or if you want to maintain the comely appearance of your outdoor area, here are some ideas.

Step 1. Wash and clear the area

Choose a clear day with less wind to do the cleaning. The first thing to do is remove obstructions in the area such as flower pots, vases, tables, chairs and other movable items. You might also want to remove weeds, clumps of dirt and other debris. Get your garden hose or pressure washer and wash the area with water.

Step 2. Prepare the area for sealing

After you have washed the area, do not apply exterior stone sealer right away. Use a patio or stone cleaner to remove stains or any signs of discoloration, algae or moss. Pressure washer can only remove dust and dirt but they will not remove tire marks, grease, oil or food stains. There are biodegradable cleaners or stain removers that you can find in our website. Apply the cleaner on stubborn stains to easily restore your patio.

Step 3. Seal the exterior stone

When you have thoroughly cleaned the surface of your exterior stone, it’s time to apply our high quality exterior stone sealer that could last up to four years longer than other brands in the market. Not only will our sealer restore the brilliance of your stone exterior, it will also protect the surface for years against water, stains, weather damage, oil and dirt keeping your patio inviting and clean looking for several years. You can find DIY solutions on the internet for correct sealer applications.