Netball Clubs in the UK

Some ideas of Netball Clubs in the UK

There are some people in the UK who play netball for fun – that’s right, not just because they are forced to at school or because they have a penchant for those big gym knickers!

In fact, the 3 UK leagues have gone from strength to strength in recent years for women with many mixed teams emerging lately too. Having developed in the UK in the 1890s from an early form of Basketball; the sport is thriving, yet although it has become officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee it has not been played in the Olympics.

So, if you are one of those people who prefer to pivot than dribble here are some clubs from across the UK.

UK Netball is STRONG

Eclipse Netball Club

Based across the South East with both senior and junior teams. Voted London and South East Region Club of the Year 2013. Coaching and player opportunities.

Riverside Netball Club

Based in the North East where netball is fiercely competitive with more teams in the region than any other across the country. Over 5 adults ladies’ teams plus junior and mini teams. Head coach and founder, Lynne Booth won a lifetime achievement award for services to Netball in 2014.

Divas Netball Club

An informal netball club in Flintshire, North Wales. Drop in for training without signing up to the whole season for as little as £3.50 per session. These ladies play for fun and fitness with matches being a bonus.

Nottingham Knights Netball Club

Mini Knights junior teams with great overall support and general fitness training. Annual junior membership is £20. Four adult teams with annual membership of £30. Also payable affiliation to AENA and monthly training fees of £15 for adults and £10 for juniors and students.

Tibberton Netball Club

Boasting 16 teams suitable for all ages and abilities the original team was founded in 1989, success and reputation have led to expansion.

Where do you play Netball?

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