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Extraction: A Serialized Story
Letter sent on Aug 5, 2016

“Broken,” My Latest Short Story is Now Available

It all started with a conversation. I imagined sitting down with Sylvie, arguably my favorite character I’ve ever created in a story called “The Perfect Letter,” and answering some of the questions I knew she would have for me if she were a real person.

They were tough questions. Sure, it’s fiction, but I’ve always viewed my role as a storyteller as crafting lies to tell the truth, and that means wrestling with questions that plague me as a person in a broken world. What happens to Sylvie has never happened to me, but I know there are people out there for whom Sylvie’s experience resonates.

Like I mentioned in my conversation with Sylvie,

“I write because I want to inspire the world with the idea that genuine good exists. That’s why so many of my stories are about redemption.”

Broken” is a story that wrestles with troubling questions, but ultimately, my goal is to inspire hope that even in the blackest of circumstances, genuine good does exist in the world.

I hope you’ll check out my conversation with Sylvie and the new short story that continues Sylvie’s story from “The Perfect Letter.”

Broken” is published on Made Up Words, a fiction publication of daCunha. daCunha is a subscription-based platform, and if you’ve been a fan of my stories in the past, I hope you’ll consider supporting me and the other great artists represented by Made Up Words and daCunha.

Thanks for reading.