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Extraction: A Serialized Story
Letter sent on Oct 21, 2015

“The Infusion,” The Latest Episode of Extraction is Live

As promised, the latest episode of Extraction is now available. What I love about this episode is Mallory and her struggle. In many ways, what started out as Bryant’s story became a story about Mallory Traven for me. I think that’s the way it’s becoming for Bryant as well. Which is interesting because she’s nothing like I originally envisioned her. When I originally planned the story, she was supposed to die and Skylar was supposed to live. Sometimes stories have a mind of their own.

Here’s an excerpt from the new episode:

Mallory had never heard voices inside her head before. This one was faint, but she couldn’t mistake it.
“Help me,” the voice of a girl said. “He won’t let me go.”
Each time the girl spoke felt like someone was gripping Mallory’s head between two hands and squeezing.
“Please go away,” Mallory pleaded.

I’d love for you to check it out, and please push the Green Heart to Recommend it if you feel inclined.

Please check out another story I’ve written that I recently republished on Medium called “The Change.” It’s a futuristic sci-fi thriller that’s gut-wrenching.

Thanks for going along for the ride. Only two episodes left.