7 Chinese songs by female singers you must no miss

I have always believed that music has no borders and no language barrier. Even if you do not understand the meaning of this song, you will also feel the emotion and power of this song. There are many outstanding pop female singers in the United States, such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Adele, Beyoncé Knowles, etc., most people are familiar with their music. As a follower of Chinese pop music, I think there are a lot of Chinese songs worth listening to. Today I want to share 7 songs that I personally think very great and meaningful by female singers.

1. 蔡依林Jolin Tsai《怪美的UGLY BEAUTY》

Jolin’s influence in the Asian music scene is just like Taylor Swift, this is a song she speaks for herself. In Asia, girls are thin for beauty. If you are fat, you may be treated badly, especially actors and singers. Your taste in clothes, body shape, and dating status are all reporters and Topics commented on the web. In the past, she was very strict with herself. For the public’s aesthetics, she strictly controlled her weight and learned all kinds of skills. She was a girl hiding in the corner and only saying sorry. Now she starts to speak for herself and reconcile with herself. She tore off the tags others gave her and lived what she liked. The MV of this song fully reflects her current mentality.

2. G.E.M.鄧紫棋【差不多姑娘 MISS SIMILAR 】

G.E.M is a singer I personally like very much. She is a very talented Christian female singer, especially she is also a very good rapper. Her lyrics are always full of positive energy. Contemporary girls have a lot of pressure. Not only we have to be beautiful, wisdom, healthy, follow fashion and maintain a good look, we cannot be emotional, and we also need financial independence. This song encourages girls to keep themselves. We need to accept the reality that cannot satisfy everyone’s likes and expectations.

3. 張碧晨 Diamond Zhang《My Way》

This is a very new song, Diamond Zhang used to sing many of the theme songs of Chinese TV dramas. She was a member of one K-Pop girl group, so her singing ability to dancing, all is not difficult for her. This time it was a new genre she tried. I like the melody of this song very much, “my way, my way” is really make me brainwashing. I also like words in the lyrics, The world is complete because of imperfection, so it will allow you to have weaknesses.

4. 楊丞琳 Rainie Yang -〈刪拾 Delete, Reset〉

Rainie Yang’s songs need to be listened to repeatedly. This time she murmured at the beginning of the song, and as the tune spread, she increased her affirmative tone. This song explains that the good or bad that has happened have shaped ourselves, it has made us who we are now. We will find that these things made us sad are not unbearable, we can accept them; Delete, and reset, is the process of life, we will find the answer.

5. G.E.M.鄧紫棋 (很久以后 Long After)

If you’ve experienced broken up, maybe this song will make you cry. This song is from G.E.M’s past love experience. She waited for him for a year, finally, she realized that they could no longer be together again.

Part of growing up is accepting the loss. I used to feel like I had been rooted out of a tree and lost the power of life because I broke up. I thought I was not be replaced forever in his heart but found that I just one of many girls he met. Just one of them. No matter how heavy the rain is, the sky will be clear after all, and time healed my wounds. Those memories also I feel far away from me. After a long time, he was just a friend I didn’t contact.

6. G.E.M.【WALK ON WATER】MV (電影《終結者:黑暗命運 Terminator: Dark Fate》中文主題曲)

G.E.M again~ “Walk on Water” is the Chinese theme song of the classic sci-fi action series “Terminator: Dark Destiny".

There is an animal in this world called the “Jesus Lizard”. When faced with danger, they can walk on the water to escape. “Walk On Water” is the moral of this: in the time of experiencing difficulties and facing wind and waves, not to lose, not to retreat, to break through the self with confidence. Many people have had moments of retreat when facing difficulties. In the song, “The pain in the past is only short-lived, and now let us be brave to fight.” Walk on Water!

7. 王心凌 Cyndi Wang — 劈你的雷正在路上

This song uses a humorous and ironic angle to describe the darkness of the world’s news media. Many of the contents are not true. In order to have more exposure and attention, make stories to mislead people. Many people, don’t know whether is real, will arbitrarily criticize others, even if they have not figured out what happened.

The news media was supposed to report the truth, but it was used by some people. This is a terrible social phenomenon, the truth is hidden. A friend of mine used to work for a newspaper company, and she shared and told me that a journalist has followed and written good documentary news for several years, because the newspaper’s senior management did not allow reporting, and it was always drowned in history.

Some songs have English translations. Unfortunately, some don’t. If you like these recommendations, please click on the palm below the article and give me applause and support, Thank you!



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