Better Rails Partial Rendering

= render(@animals)
# actionview-
def find_template(path, locals)
prefixes = path.include?(?/) ? [] : @lookup_context.prefixes
@lookup_context.find_template(path, prefixes, true, locals, @details)
  1. If path has a / in it, then prefixes will be set to an empty array and it will search all the view directories for path. E.g. if path is lions/lion, then it will find a template like app/views/lions/_lion.
  2. Otherwise, it will traverse the controller hierarchy, e.g. if you have MeanLionsController < LionsController < ApplicationController, then a path of lion would look for a _lion partial in app/views/mean_lions/, then app/views/lions/, then finally app/views/application/.



# application.rb
config.action_view.prefix_partial_path_with_controller_namespace = false

One little problem




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