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Less Screen Time, More Green Time

Caught ya!

Right now, I would guess you are reading this article while sitting down inside, looking at your computer or phone screen. If I’m wrong, and you’re reading this outside, props to you!

With 12 year olds in the U.S. spending on average less than 6 hours per week outdoors, kids are spending more time on their screens per day than they are spending outdoors for the entire week. A little scary right?

A recent study by researchers at University of Adelaide in Australia found that greater amounts of screen time tended to be associated with unfavorable psychological outcomes, while green time (time spent outdoors) tended to be associated with favorable psychological outcomes. This preliminary evidence suggests that “green time could buffer consequences of high screen time [and] therefore nature may be an under-utilized public health resource for youth psychological well-being in a high-tech era.”

Although further research is required to definitively prove this relationship, why risk it? Take this as a reason to get outside today and enjoy what nature has to offer!

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