If you want something new, stop doing something old!

2015 has been an exciting year at eYeka: from product innovation to experience design, we completed more than 160 assignments for 100 organizations on 5 continents.
Be it to identify new moments of consumption or to design meaningful experiences, our community of 330,000 creative consumers consistently provided us with fresh ideas.
The calendar below highlights topics that we translated into actionable insights so that our clients could perform better.

I hope you find these inspiring and would like to thank all our clients who were bold enough to take a different perspective on how to gather consumer insights, innovate with consumers and bring more relevant products and services to market.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”. — Peter Drucker

I wish you to do fewer old things and get a fresher and more creative outlook in 2016.

12 brands we provided with something new in 2015

January: Helping Nestlé enhance the ritual of taking a break with KitKat.

February: Making bank branches and retail banking more relevant with Crédit Agricole.

March: Elevating the Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets experience to spread the love for McDonald’s.

April: Seeking fresh ways for P&G to communicate around cleanliness with Ariel.

May: Delighting Airbnb customers with unexpected peeks into our community’s global neighborhood.

June: Bringing comms ideas to life for the Gillette MACH3 system razor.

July: Co-creating the next dip product with Pepsico.

August: Sourcing creative expressions of an idea for SCA to position high-quality tissue.

September: Unlocking path-to-purchase for life protection insurance in a syndicated research for French insurance companies.

October: Envisioning an essential caring moment between babies and their parents for Mustela.

November: Revolutionizing pizza to make Domino’s everyone’s favorite food.

December: Designing Coca-Cola’s new beverage to be sold at McDonald’s.

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