Don’t Be Blindsided. Why Your Non-Popular Posts Are Surprisingly Getting You Leads

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Quick story. I noticed this year that my Instagram really grew. It’s my first year that I’ve noticed more engagement.

I finally found a group of tags that matches my brand, and it’s making a difference. I went from 728 followers to over 1000 followers.

Here’s why I don’t focus on likes. I’ve noticed that in many instances, I’ve gotten a few more followers when I had a lot less likes. On the other hand, I’ve noticed more engagement on Twitter when I stared writing on Medium. My twitter doesn’t have a ton of followers, but it’s been reaching over 44,000 people the last time I checked (As of November 29th, 2016).

I know they are reading, because on my Medium account, it’s saying I’m close to 10,000 views/reads.

You want to know a real secret?

The goal of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook is NOT to get likes, messages, engagement, shares or EVEN “notifications!”


The REAL goal of these social media pages is to direct people where you want them to go. You are not even focused on the messages you may or may not get. The job of your social media is to lead them to your website and/or blog post. It’s to get them to start loving you! To reveal your personality so they will be interested in getting to know you!

The job of your website is to show them why they should hire you, and to get them interested in getting in touch with you through your contact form, or signup for a newsletter.

The job of your website is to get them engaged in your work, with your personality on your about page, to have them interested enough to say “Hey EYTech! I saw some blog posts and I’d be interested in finding out more about you guys creating a website.

Next time you see those posts that don’t get that many likes, don’t sweat it!

I promise you payment notifications are way better than social media notifications.

Would you be mad if 1 like lead to 1 purchase of your product? (And lets say your course was $2000).


Hello! I’m Alesha, I’m on team EYTech! I lead projects relating to search marketing & optimization, social media marketing, brand & content development for clients in varied industries. You will also find me writing a lot of posts for EYTech too! I also eat food, write love letters to food (I’m not joking, I confess my love @aleshampeterson) act and play music! Nice to meet you!

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