Meet EYTech’s Stephanie Cox!

Meet Stephanie Cox, a intern and team member on EYTech!

Get to know Step!

  • She lives in Alaska!
  • She’s a legal transcriber!
  • She’s a fiscal specialist (just in case you need an FYI, she provides verbatim, modified verbatim and clean read transcriptions).
  • She’s interested in HTML, CSS, Flash, HTML, Java, JavaScript and other coding languages!

Hello! I’m Alesha, I’m on team EYTech! I’m the head of projects relating to search marketing & optimization, social media marketing, brand & content development for clients in varied industries. I’m your go to person in Indianapolis looking for a team to grow and learn with! You will also find me writing a lot of posts for EYTech too! I also eat food, write love letters to food (I’m not joking, I confess my love @aleshampeterson) act and play music! Nice to meet you!

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