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Case study: Vyro boosts user conversion by 175% with EZiD’s instant sign-up product

Key highlights

  • Removed auth redirection pages and password authentication with EZiD’s instant sign-up solution
  • Boosted user conversion by 175% in 3 weeks
  • Saved 25+ hours of engineering time


Vyro is Australia’s fastest-growing electric vehicle marketplace where users can learn about and browse for electric vehicles, trade-in existing vehicles and calculate their emissions savings.

Vyro wanted to create the most seamless onboarding experience possible for their users. With EZiD’s instant sign-up solution, Vyro created the first zero-friction sign-up experience in its industry to use its service.

The result is that EZiD’s solution boosted user conversion by 175% in 3 weeks and saved 25+ hours of engineering time in the process.

EZiD solutions used

  • Instant signup
  • Email magic links

The problem

Vyro searched for a flexible way that would help them reduce friction and create a seamless experience while onboarding new users. This involves a solution that would not redirect users away from their website during the sign-up process.

“Our current auth provider doesn’t allow users to sign up instantly. We had to hack the process of creating passwords in a backend, so this would allow the users to sign up by creating an illusion of zero friction, and then us having to delete passwords in the backend. It took us 2 weeks to figure this out. We don’t like it but not sure what else to do”

“We need to be able to create this beautiful onboarding experience where users sign up and feel zero friction. No redirection. You just put your email and you’re in, it needs to be that quick.”

EZiD’s instant sign-up solution fits Vyro’s needs perfectly.

The solution

Vyro turned to EZiD so they could put a frictionless authentication flow in place. EZiD’s instant sign-up solution was the perfect fit.

Vyro’s instant login screen

EZiD’s solution allows Vyro’s users to sign-up and log in with just an email initially, allowing them immediate access to Vyro’s portal. This direct access signs users up faster and will enable Vyro to provide value to its users much quicker.

Why would you allow users to sign up using an unverified email?

Allowing users instant access to your portal gives a user the chance to explore, understand the value proposition, and gain buy-in much faster and easier. If the main value proposition is behind an authentication wall, there is a lower chance they will convert to a customer unless it’s a frictionless experience.

The second time that same user logs in, they are then asked to confirm their email through an email magic link (login by clicking a link in your email inbox). This way, verification only comes when they log in the second time, meaning they are a more serious potential customer. Behind the scenes, Vyro can understand which users are more serious vs which are more exploratory.

The hardest part about setting up such a solution is that it requires hours of engineering work.

“We used Auth0 initially” said Will Wise. “But it became obvious how inflexible their APIs were. With Auth0, their APIs did not allow us to create a zero-friction experience, and we had to hack together a workaround, and users had to open the email in the same browser. This just made the user experience worse.”

The benefit

The numbers speak for themselves. Vyro saw an increase in user conversion by 175% within 3 weeks. They also saved 25+ engineering hours implementing the solution by going with EZiD.

Now for Will Wise, he can set and forget Vyro’s authentication infrastructure and know it is set up for the best user conversion possible.

Once Vyro decided to go with EZiD, the integration process was smooth and painless, even for one engineer. And the EZiD team was there to support them throughout their auth integration journey.

“It was very straightforward, with great documentation, and more importantly, your APIs have so much flexibility that gives me so much control now” said Will Wise. “EZiD answered all our questions over slack. We were able to ditch Auth0 completely and create a zero friction onboarding process.”

Image courtesy of Will Wise (Co-founder and CEO)

Going forward

Vyro is excited to use EZiD and integrate with the new products launching over the next few months.

EZiD will soon launch One Touch Login & SMS OTP, allowing their customers to log in with just their device biometrics regardless of where they come from.

“We are quite excited to implement One Touch Login once it’s available,” said Will Wise. With EZiD, we know they will always have user conversion and retention in mind, so I trust what they’re building in the future.

Are you interested in this solution working for you?

Find out more at EZiD




Authentication should not be a necessary evil. Use it to get more customers.

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