EZToken is set to explore Brisbane, Australia

EZToken Rewards
Mar 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Locals and tourists in Brisbane — the third largest city of Australia will soon being able to gain and use EZToken to pay for products at a group of Bakery & Cafe stores and other retails. This is the first step in the ambitious journey of bringing EZToken to real life under the ICO Roadmap.

EZToken is created in order to revolutionize and modernise the true value of Loyalty Programs, especially for merchants using EZPOS. Merchant’s customers can earn Loyalty Points which are now EZTokens from their shopping or receiving services.

Eztokens can be then used as a method of payment at merchants using EZPOS, as a medium of exchange in the EZ marketing and loyalty platform, or can be stored/exchange to other cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms

In order to broaden EZToken Ecosystem, EZPOS Holding is very proud to announce that Australia is chosen to pilot applying EZToken. It will locate its head office, Fishburner — Crypto startups incubatory in Brisbane, Australia. The Australia-based office will support to acquire more merchants and bring EZToken into daily life.

The team is working on tax and legal issues to run its first office in the very near future.

Fishburner is a dynamic crypto startups incubatory in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane Airport in Australia is known as the first cryptocurrency friendly airport in the world

Brisbane Airport plan to make it the world’s first cryptocurrency friendly airport, partnering with store owners within terminal premises to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. As a result, it could support local businesses and become a leader in the airport digital innovation space. Such a move will also improve the passenger experience and educate more people on the real-world uses of cryptocurrencies in day to day living.

The Australia-based office will support to acquire more merchants and bring EZToken into daily life

Many businesses in Brisbane are already accepting crypto currencies. Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley is now known as crypto-valley by locals.

The good news shall pave the way for cryptocurrencies like EZToken to penetrate into daily life in Australia.

Many EZPOS Merchants are based in Brisbane Australia

EZPOS has built up a network of merchants in Brisbane Australia for years. And it is time to apply EZToken in the network.

Merchants in Australia are ready for EZToken going live!

As the first step, EZToken will be accepted for payment in the a group of Bakery & Cafe stores. The pilot merchants are working on marketing activities to educate customers on the added value of EZToken. The merchants will also work closely with EZToken development team to ensure the smooth and beneficial execution.

Under the ICO Roadmap, EZToken is also expanding the ecosystem globally by recruiting 120 employees across all divisions. Previously, EZToken cut 50% of software fee thus developing a wider ecosystem.


EZToken is a cryptocurrency equivalent to skymiles

EZToken Rewards

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EZToken is a cryptocurrency equivalent to skymiles

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