Win a share of $210,000 USD in EZT!

EZToken Rewards
May 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Vote to help us get listed on Hadax and you will share in the prize. Get voting!

Dear EZToken Community,

We’ve been given a great opportunity to be listed on Hadax and we really need your help.

The project that gets the most votes in a 5 day period, wins!

To say thanks, we are giving away a total of 380,000 EZT, which will be shared proportionally to the number of votes amongst our community between those who vote for us, if we are lucky enough to win. That’s over $210,000 USD at the current market price.

Voting starts on Monday 21 May, goes for 5 days only. The top 3 projects with the most votes will then be listed on Hadax! Voting is at no cost*.

For our valued investors and general community, here are some easy steps to take:

Step 1Sign in to your Huobi account or Create a Huobi account today

Step 2 — If you already have some HT (Huobi Token), great! Each vote costs 0.1 HT.

Step 3 — If you don’t have any HT, you can buy some and then use them to vote.

*Note: All HT will be refunded to the account holder after the voting has been completed.

Full voting rules

We thank you so much for your ongoing support.


About EZToken

EZToken Rewards is a blockchain loyalty program which rewards members with EZToken for transacting with participating retailers. EZToken Rewards is set to become the world’s biggest blockchain loyalty program, spanning Asia, Australia, US and Europe.

EZPos, the parent company of EZToken Rewards, is established in Vietnam and Singapore. There are more than 12,000 retailers across 19 countries using EZPos point of sale, with plans to grow to 100,000 retailers in the next 2 years. All of these retailers have the ability to offer EZToken to their customers via EZPos, demonstrating the massive potential of this program.


EZToken is a cryptocurrency equivalent to skymiles

EZToken Rewards

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EZToken is a cryptocurrency equivalent to skymiles

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