Send an Email… or Two…

Long gone are the days when keeping in contact with your clients meant giving them a ring once in a while or sending them a catalogue in the post. Sure, direct marketing has its perks, but when you find yourself having to deal with hundreds, maybe thousands of contacts, the benefits of automated email marketing system are endless.

It seems quite rational to have a machine work out when your information needs to be sent out to your clients, right? Like it also makes sense to keep in contact with your database and make sure they don’t forget who you are and how you can help them. But we’ve found that SO many business owners don’t follow up with their potential customers, and after they’ve had that first contact with them, they somehow throw all email addresses into a black hole, never to see the light of day ever again.

But this needs to stop. Now. We urge you to start emailing your prospects with useful information, offers, discounts, blog posts and updates. You are missing out on something that can turn your business around within days, and you have absolutely no excuse to postpone it any longer.

Whether it’s you handling it, your marketing expert, or your VA, your business NEEDS an email marketing system and we’re going to list a couple of our favorites below just to give you an idea of how much easier your life can get:

1. GetResponse — this cool tool allows you to create pretty emails, with the help of their 500+ email templates, split test your email for a better click-through-rate, and also segment your contacts so you send different pieces of information to relevant clients. Not only that, but you can also set autoresponders up, landing pages to go with your emails, and cool forms to get you more people signed up to your feed. Try it for free here, we’re already loving it!

2. Mailchimp — creates better email, or at least that’s what their tagline says. Improve your email by tracking who clicks where, segment your list by including or excluding people who are reading your emails. Build awesome templates or use one of their own, and benefit from one amazing customer support for whenever you need a hand in creating your campaigns. Easily integrated with WordPress, Shopify, Facebook and many more, Mailchimp is the go-to email system to get you started quickly and efficiently. No monkeying around!

3. AWeber is well known for its automated charms. It’s super easy to link your landing pages with this smart tool, as it has quite an impressive system that takes your emails straight to your customer’s inbox (no junk mail!), has a nice pricing system, and a cool guide that talks you through all the email marketing mysteries.

So, jump right on it, make sure you include email marketing in your strategies NOW, choose the tool that you feel most comfortable using, and remember, we’re just an email away for any questions you might have!

Keep up the good work!

Originally published at Ezy VA Blog — Send an Email… or Two….