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The almighty content prince, the blog is the best tool to sharing information. You knew that already. But did you know the many ways in which a blog post can be repurposed, shared and recycled to target even more people? More and more people understand the importance of content writing, from SEO optimization to constantly informing your potential customers, some still struggle with the ways in which this information can actually be used. From the collating of blogs and turning them into ebooks through to making them part of a paid campaign, blogs are one of most vital part of your marketing. See below why:

1. Email.

What you’re reading now is a blog post. But it’s also part of a newsletter that is being sent via email to our database. This way we make sure that our valuable information is being made available to both new traffic coming to our website, but to our valued clients as well, that might not have visited our website lately.

2. Communities

Take advantage of the endless pool of communities that are out there. Submit your blogs on Quora, Reddit, research for other forums yourself that particularly discuss stuff happening within your industry.

3. Social Media

Now the way to share your blog on social media has been covered in so many topics, and its efficiency has been proved on so many occasions that it still surprises us how so many entrepreneurs still don’t use social media to the full of its extent. Besides posting on your social media profiles on a regular basis, you also need to ENGAGE with your followers and potentials. The way you do that is through creating conversations, asking questions, getting involved in groups, either ones you create, or ones you sign up to. Being relevant and constant is the key to having a great social media profiles. Try Facebook groups for engagement, Twitter hashtags and trends for information, LinkedIn for authority positioning and group engagement, Google Plus for search engine rankings and hangouts.

4. Automated Content Push

More and more people prefer to have all of their favourite info collated into one publication to which they subscribe to, and through which they receive la creme de la creme from the industries they’ve interested in. Which is why you have to push your blogs onto all of these publications such as Feedly or Flipboard.

5. Paid promotion

Goes without saying, advertising is the most efficient way to drive relevant traffic to your website. If you have the budget for it, a good strategy will always boom your blogs and increase the chances of it being shared. Boost your posts, break down your audience up to the last details, be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

6. SEO

Optimize your blog post. Increase the chances of it being found naturally. Through backlinks, keywords, meta descriptions, include rich media on them, discuss matters that are trending, and that people are currently looking for. By the way, our awesome SEO in-house team is now available for FREE website audits, so if you want to learn what your website’s issues are and how you can overcome them, just fill in the details here, and we’ll create one for you in less than 48hrs.

Originally published at Ezy VA Blog — THE Blog.