The Business Lessons we’ve Learned from Conor McGregor

Business is ruthless. regardless of how long you’ve been in the game, everything you’ve built can go down in a split second if you don’t play your cards right.

We can almost compare business to a series of UFC fights where you’re constantly fighting competitors, trends, exchange rates, standards. You’re always in a fight to not only survive, but to also win the big belt — the well deserved symbol of your efforts.

Seeing that at the moment the entire world is in love with Conor McGregor — the first fighter to ever hold champion titles in two weight division simultaneously, we thought we could learn a thing or two from this extravagant champion.

At only 28 years, McGregor has understood the importance of perseverance, daily training and will power. How does that translate into the world of the business? If you don’t believe in what you do well enough to keep ‘fighting’ more and better everyday, than there’s no real point to aim high. If you don’t see yourself as an award winning company, recognised for all your flawlessly delivered services, then you should reconsider your options.

The whole point in life and business is to better ourselves everyday, be the best version of yourself, and how McGregor has said it, ‘don’t just take part, take over’. Ultimately, Conor’s view on always defeating his opponents lies in his preparation, and that applies 100% to all of you who are here to become industry leaders. ‘Precision beats power and timing beats speed’, so whatever you’re fighting, being your resources, time, competitors or budgets, know that with the right tactics and with the right timing you’re assured to be wearing the champion’s belt every time.

(Image from: Craziest Sports — Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors)

Originally published at Ezy VA Blog — The Business Lessons we’ve Learned from Conor McGregor.

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