Why Don’t We Talk About Happy Teams More?

In the world of business there seems to be a lot of talk around creating the mega efficient team of hard-working people that will forever be part of your company without asking for anything in return. We seem to be often neglecting our employee’s needs and what makes them happy to work for us. We tend to overlook what keeps them motivated and eager to be part of a productive team.

So today’s post is about your employees. What you should be doing to keep them happy for a change, how to build a culture in which they all believe in, and are proud to represent.

1. Try to match your employee’s personality to their job.

Before hiring someone, you should at least try to find out what type of personality that candidate has. What do they like to do, what are they passionate about, what makes them tick? If you don’t bear these small details in mind you might find that people usually get bored with a type of work they’re not suitable for. Or they get frustrated, or annoyed. Some people are good with processes, others are brilliant at managing projects, if you don’t nail it and give a thinker something that would suit a do-er more, you might end up with a dysfunctional team.

2. Motivate your staff.

Make them see the bigger picture. What is the end result for their work? Do you see them part of your team long term? Is there any room for growth for them? Are they incentivised for their efforts? And if so, is everybody rewarded equally? Why not, if that’s the case? The secret to keeping your staff loyal and happy to work for you is to be as transparent as possible, and to show them that you are genuinely interested in growing together.

3. Bring your team together, and show them you care about them.

Hold a weekly or bi-weekly or even a monthly dinner with your team. Or organize a weekend getaway. Lunch on you on Fridays, where you all sit down and talk about your families, or passions. Help your team build strong connections, and make friends. We spend most of our lives at work and need to become comfortable with our colleagues in order to become more productive and efficient. Relationships at work are based on trust and being able to help each other out in order to hit targets. A happy team equals a happy boss at the end of the day.

4. Let your staff express freely, no hierarchy nonsense.

Of course your team needs structure, team leaders, managers and whatnot, but from a communication point of view, your employee needs to feel free to express his thoughts to anyone. Company hierarchy makes people focus more on the title they hold instead of the work they do. So, besides the CEO nobody should really care who does what, as long as the job gets done. And everybody should feel free to bring any ideas to the table, while also express any concerns they might have.

Originally published at Ezy VA Blog —Why Don’t We Talk About Happy Teams More?.

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