Why Should a Company comply with Health and Safety Training?

The main objective of Health and Safety Training is to increase your worker’s understanding and awareness of the risks they may encounter in the workplace and more importantly, how to keep away from and reduce the chances of incidents happening at all. Although risk can never be eliminated, employees that have a greater understanding of the risks will know what to look out for and what they can do to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring to as close to zero as feasible.

Not only will Health and Safety Training Essex make them more aware of the potential hazards, it should also tell them of the control measures that are in place to prevent accidents and the company’s health and safety procedures for working safely.

Health and Safety Training which reduces accidents and incidents in the workplace will have a lot of benefits to the company, financial, making it an excellent return on investment. After an accident, a worker is likely to need time off to recover. This will vary depending on the severity of the accident, but can be a significant amount of time in serious cases. The same can be said of those who become ill because of poor working conditions. Having a worker away from the workplace will reduce the total output of the company.

If the company wants to maintain the existing level of output, they will need to bring in temporary workers which will incur costs in terms of recruitment fees and having to pay them a wage as well as sick pay to the person off work. Alternatively, they can get other workers to cover for the absent, but making people do part of somebody else’s job as well as their own is likely to cause a fall in morale as well as a feeling of being over-worked.

A worker who has received Health and Safety Training Essex which stops them from having an accident means there is less potential for them to sue the company afterwards. Although the company may not have completed anything wrong and would win the court case, it will still use up valuable money and time fighting the case or agreeing an out-of-court settlement.

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