Why to Go For Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing

People must conduct Drug & Alcohol Testing programs even at their workplaces because it helps in providing healthy surroundings to non-addicts. Employment drug testing should be completed before appointing the staff, if feasible and keep on conducting it at regular intervals to ensure that nobody is hooked on drugs and alcohol at present.

Do you want to provide safe working surroundings to your workers? If yes, then keep a check over them whether they are hooked on drugs and alcohol or not. You cannot make speculations only after keeping an eye over them it requires proper Drug & Alcohol Testing of employees at random intervals in London & Essex. It has been found that 75% of adults are more hooked on all these prohibited activities including workers of low grades.

If you want to enhance the productivity of your business then you must make sure that your staffs are not hooked on drugs and alcohol. These addictions affect the performance of employees so it is essential to go for employment Drug & Alcohol Testing before appointing a brand spanking new staff every time. It also needs to be done at random intervals even after appointing them so that they do not dare to take drugs or alcohol in between their working period and other than that.

There are various methods of Drug & Alcohol Testing in London used by the specialists to confirm the amount of consumption such as urine testing, hair testing and blood testing and saliva testing/oral liquid based screen. Among all of these methods urine testing is the most widely used option in the workplace and in this type of check urine sample is collected from each worker. Its offsite collection facility and onsite collection facility like can get the result instantly or it can be sent to laboratory for testing in case of offsite collection facility.

As compared to urine drug testing, hair testing is meant to be the far more correct and long term testing option. It is non-invasive and can basically check for a big number of drugs at comparatively low cost. People find it more useful than urine and saliva check because it can detect substances in the process over a long period of intake.

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