A 10X Platform For 10X Dreams- The Time Is Now To Find Your F of X

There are some trips you take that you pay for, and then there are some that pay you back tenfold. F of X falls in the latter category.

Are you ready to invest, to truly invest, in yourself?

You probably still have questions about whether this is the right experience for you- one you should invest in. We get where you’re coming from.

You haven’t yet had a chance to experience that which we have planned for you. There is no reference point, at all, for what you might expect from a creative carnival. Never before has such a festival been designed, and on such a scale. So, you really don’t know what to look forward to.

Which makes you wonder, “Am I just paying for a holiday, after all?”
Well, that’s one question we can answer right now- no.

You’re making an investment in yourself and your journey, and we know that that is going to pay off.

How do we know for sure?

Because of what our earlier adventures have done for people so far. Here at The Experience Co., we have cracked the code for what a mix of experiential travel and upgraded networking can do for professionals.

One resident from an earlier experience actually called us ‘Networking, On Steroids’.

Still not convinced?

Here’s Why You Should Give It A Try Anyway

It Has To Start Somewhere!

Feel that uncomfortable itch? That knowing in your gut that you are meant for greater things? That thought of living your dream that just won’t let go?

Decades of social conditioning has taught us that having dreams is a bad thing. And yet, when the time comes to heap praise, we’re always looking out for the creators, the dreamers, the path-breakers and the explorers!

Be honest- can you clap from the sidelines for even a minute longer? Isn’t it your time to shine?

At F of X, we have

  • Chats and Curated Workshops for a direct download of knowledge from the experts, to you
  • The opportunity to live, work and engage with your creative idols every minute of every day
  • A chance to truly understand what floats your creative boat, and get that ship sailing already!
  • A space to showcase your ideas and get focused feedback
  • The best shot you’ll ever have at starting or growing your own creative venture

Now, that’s what you’re really paying for. But there’s more.

With us, there always is.

What Better Place Than Here?

The forests of Jim Corbett are home to one of the most majestic animals to have ever walked the Earth.

Hidden in the dense thicket of ideas is your inspiration, waiting to pounce on you. We’re giving you a chance to go on this adventure in style. Your home in the forest is an absolutely gorgeous property so you’re not camping out in tents. You will have a safe, comfortable and absolutely drop dead gorgeous space to live, work and collaborate in while you’re here.

We have four designated festival zones to explore your creativity on your terms- there are events to engage your heart, your mind, your body and your very soul.

Plus, you’ll find the people you’re looking for!

Join the tribe and find those that share the same dream and a complementing skillset. There’s really no better place than here to find the people, the skills and the motivation you’re looking for to begin creating magic.

What Better Time Than Now!

Say ‘yes’ to the experience that is going to change your life. And do it now, because everything else can wait, but that dream cannot. Not anymore.

F of X is a festival for creators to grow their magic, learn the tricks of the creative trade and find a tribe to belong to. Feb 21–24, you’ll see Jim Corbett abuzz with creators from all over the country.

To come join this creative intervention, head over to www.fofxfestival.com and request an invite!