Creativity Is Calling From The Forests, And I Must Go

It all starts with an epiphany.

A massive film with a budget of $281 million and ten times the box office collection, was once an idea in someone’s head. A powerful one.

What thought did J.R.R. Tolkein think first? Did he put the orcs in there- the bad in the world, and then decide that we need the elves, dwarves and the hobbits too?

What is the very first idea, and where is it born?

Creators ask this question several times, often in the span of a single day. Do painters paint the whole picture in their heads first? Do writers see the full story? Do dancers know the routine even before they begin?

F of X was created to answer these very questions. Over the span of four days, we have a singular aim- to help you find what makes your right brain tick, what makes you see the colours, and how you can conjure up some of the magic you’ve only been a witness to.

Until now.

I Need Inspiration. I Just Don’t Know Where To Get It From

Creativity thrives in safe spaces, vibrant spaces. It grows and multiplies in the presence of people who see that mist hanging over your head, and know that an idea is just about ready to condense.

India is home to several creators- you only need to look at the number of startups coming out of here to know that that’s true, and Adobe’s annual report on creative professionals in Asia proves that much.

Their topmost priority- learning, with over 60% of all respondents upgrading their skills every six months.

But there’s a gap, and we know you feel it. That’s why you’re still reading.

India as a country is sorely lacking in events that bring these brilliant minds together. To be sure, we have quite a few famous creative festivals, but they are usually restricted by medium- a music festival, a dance festival, an arts festival, a flea market, a wellness retreat, but not all of them at once. Moreover, creativity does not come from one source, or even three.

When it comes to pushing those boundaries, the more inspiration there is, the merrier the results will be.

The Story Of An Epiphany

The Experience Co., the festival’s parent company, was dreamed up as an endeavour to create experiential conversation & collaboration spaces for people like you to interact, grow and flourish in.

No more two-day conferences and workshops, and people going back with their heads full of theory, and little else. No more suits and a black tie and the potential for judgment that follows.

Instead, every trip hosted and facilitated by the company would be a curated, invite-only experience for a select few people who think alike and create differently.

And then, the new idea appeared.

The creators swear it just jumped out of nowhere, but as we know, that’s not true. It was always right there, waiting to be found, growing to massive proportions in the meantime.

The idea itself was fairly simple.

Why create with a few people? Why limit what creativity means? Why not open the doors to people who let creativity flow, and to people who have stifled it over time; people who’ve fallen in line with expectations and those that have fallen out of it, too?

That’s how F of X was born- in someone’s mind. As a function of their X, a festival celebrating the X.

Because your big idea is lurking around too, ready to be found. And we think it may just be hiding among the trees of Jim Corbett National Park.

150 Creators x 30+ Creative Leaders x 1 Forest Festival

F of X is a festival for creators to grow their magic, learn the tricks of the creative trade and find a tribe to belong to. Feb 21–24, you’ll see Jim Corbett abuzz with creators from all over the country.

To come join this creative intervention, head over to and request an invite!