MASSIMO VITALI @ Benrubi Gallery

Piscina das Mares, Right, Portugal, 2016 (D0019)

MASSIMO VITALI: Disturbed Coastal Systems
 April 20 — June 17, 2017

“The subject of Vitali’s latest exhibition is the intersection of land and sea, the end of the terrestrial human habitat and the beginning of the aqueous. As is usual for Vitali, the pictures are heavily populated and feature an elevated, distant perspective that captures thousands of square meters in the frame, simultaneously magnifying the grandness of the landscape and multiplying the human presence. These are landscapes, but they’re also crowd scenes. Individuality is less important than the tribe, and the very idea of the frame is threatened by the enormity of the scenes they attempt to contain. “

Benrubi Gallery
 521 West 26th Street, Floor #2 · New York City · New York · 10001

Originally published at F-Stop Magazine.