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Photography Podcasts: Now Hear This

As someone who creates and writes about photography, I also like to listen to others speak about their experience as photographers, or how they came to be photographers. I’m less concerned about the tech, or which lens is the best for bokeh effects, or the latest mirrorless camera with new computational abilities. But it’s good to keep up to date on the technical part of photography; it is one of the linchpins of the craft after all. If that is your main interest, this list will include some recommended podcasts for you.

For other programs which go into a long form style of interview or conversation, I’ve also included some of my recommendations below. Interestingly, some of the most enjoyable programs I listen to are not simply about photography, but focus more on really good storytelling. If you are a documentary photographer you might agree with this aspect, and I feel a great story will outshine great technique on a consistent basis. These podcasts might present photographers to discover or re-discover, genres of work which could open new avenues for creative expression, or present ideas which further your photographic knowledge or expand your present state of mind.

This list is not intended to be a ‘best of’ list, nor is it rated in any way. It is group of recommendations for your photographic listening pleasure:

Real Photo Show
Real Photo Show with host Michael Chovan-Dalton is a podcast about photographers and the related arts. The show started largely through connections with the photo program at SVA in NYC as a platform to provide space and voice for photographers and to help build community among photographers. The podcast has grown impressively to feature artists, curators, publishers, and directors with discussions about their influences, projects, books, some technology, and insightful conversation about artists creating meaningful work.

PetaPixel Photography Podcast
The PetaPixel Photography Podcast is a twice-weekly podcast about the wonderful world of photography. It’s a fusion of news, opinions, humor, and real-world experience, bundled into a show in manageable chunks of time.

On Taking Pictures
On Taking Pictures is a weekly podcast about the art and science of making photographs. While the show stopped sharing new content in mid-2018, they’re still widely considered one of the best photography podcasts to date. It is hosted by Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris. 325 episodes.

History of Photography Podcast
Hosted by Jeff Curto, a photographer and retired photography professor. His recorded lectures and presentations are the essence of a university photo course. His podcast presents insights and reflections upon contemporary and historic photographers and photography.

The Candid Frame
Interviews with some of the industry’s top established and emerging photographers. Host Ibarionex Perello offers thoughtful, insightful conversations with photographers about their practice. A weekly must listen for insight and inspiration.


Ffoton Interviews / Cyfweliadau — ffoton
Ffoton means ‘photon’ or light, in Welsh. Ffoton Interviews seeks out both established and aspiring photographers who primarily work or come from Wales. The conversations you will hear on Ffoton will delve into their practice, style and process. Hosted and produced by Brian Carroll, Emyr Young, and Glyn Shakeshaft. Notable interviews with prominent UK and Welsh photographers, with a conversational tone and unguarded exchanges about their background and photographic projects.

10 Frames Per Second
10FPS is a weekly podcast about photojournalism through the eyes of photojournalists, photo editors, and other professionals in the field. Hosted by Elena Volkova and J.M Giordano, the talks focus on the practice and heart of photojournalism.


A Photographic Life
A Photographic Life is the podcast founded by designer, educator and photographer Grant Scott. In tandem with his website, The United Nations of Photography, Grant shares his personal opinions on image making and visual storytelling, and also welcomes the contributions of photographers who share what photography means to them. The contributors recordings are often diaristic and informative, and Grant seems to always echo these themes throughout the show. Another must listen.

The LPV Show
Started by former photo editor, photographer and content creator Bryan Formhals, the LPV show covered a range of documentary and fine art photographers talking about their work in a bare bones, casual setting. The show stopped making new episodes in 2016, but continues to be an oft referenced source for topics on photo books, and contemporary photographers sharing their work and approach to image making. The new podcast moniker, Way of the Walk, will lead to you to old episodes, and still hits on the theme often discussed by Formhals: the best gear for a photographer is a really good pair of shoes.

Magic Hour Podcast
Founded by Jordan Weitzman in 2016, Magic Hour Podcast presents interviews with some of today’s most influential photographers, curators, editors, publishers, and other photo professionals.


The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast
Photographer Martin Bailey‘s travel and wildlife-heavy podcast and blog covers everything from basic camera shooting modes for beginners, to developing a personal style for photographers looking to grow in their craft. It’s a mix of art, creativity and technical topics, interviews, gear reviews and travelogue style episodes.


I Love Photography — PhotoShelter
Hosted by Allen Murabayashi and Sarah Jacobs. This podcast features talks about gear, industry issues for working photographers, and inspiration for creativity. I find it a little heavy on the promotional, and photographic industry side of things, but it would be a great fit for anyone emerging into this market, or interested in what goes into being a successful commercial photographer.

Light Work Podcast
Today’s Artists. On Photography. This podcast gives listeners a great chance to hear directly from photographers who have worked intensely on a project which lead to exhibition in a world class gallery at Light Work, a non-profit photography organization in Syracuse, New York. Hosted by Shane Lavalette and launched with 25 episodes featuring artists who have worked with on exhibitions at Light Work since 2013.


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