Thomas Kellner @ Theatergalerie Gummersbach

VG Bildkunst Bonn & Thomas Kellner: 82#20 Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant, 2013

Thomas Kellner: genius loci — Two German Gentlemen in the land of the Tsars
 March 26 — June 10, 2017

Opening Sunday, March 26 2017, 11:30 am

“The same as his countryman and predecessor in the Urals, Georg Wilhelm Henning, Kellner reconstructs the customary world so that it stays in movement and continually delivers new perspectives today and in the future as well.” (Irina Chmyrewa)

This project deals in an artistic-photographical manner with two important industrial areas in Germany and Russia, which are liked to each other through the common history of industrial culture. I’m talking of my hometown Siegen and two of the biggest cities of Russia, Yekaterinburg and Perm.

Theatergalerie Gummersbach
 Moltkestraße 50 / Reininghauser Straße

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