Today is History @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

Glass 2-18-12, 2012 © Jerry Spagnoli

Glass 2–18–12, 2012
© Jerry Spagnoli

Today is History
 November 4 — December 31, 2016

OPENING RECEPTION:Friday, November 4, 5:00–7:30 p.m.

Kate Breakey
 Dan Estabrook
 Jerry Spagnoli

First it was questioned as art. Then painters used it as a tool. Decades later it was still defending itself as a viable art form. And now, more than 175 years after its inception, photography is an exalted medium, embraced by galleries, collectors and museums worldwide. While photographers engage with new technologies and new means of presentation, many artists working today still incorporate historical techniques in their work. Today is History brings together three artists who work with 19th / 20th c. processes to talk about present day concerns.

Catherine Edelman Gallery
 300 W. Superior Street • Chicago IL 60654

Originally published at F-Stop Magazine.

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