The 140 Characters Webapp Challenge Awards!

March 30, 2009

After the final wrap-up of The Challenge, I gave you 4 weeks to vote. A lot of votes have been casted on different contenders. Big thanks to all who participated! Today I closed the voting and summed up the points. Here are the results.

The winner is

Fabien with a PHP web framework in 131 chars of PHP:

require __DIR__.’/c.php’; if (!is_callable($c = @$_GET[‘c’] ?: function() { echo ‘Woah!’; })) throw new Exception(‘Error’); $c();


2nd place goes to

Isaac Van Name and his Micro-Twitter in 154 chars of PHP:

<form><input name=“a”><input type=“submit” value=“send”/></form> <?php if($_GET[‘a’]){ $q=fopen(‘micro.php’,‘a’); fwrite($q,$_GET[‘a’].’<hr>’); fclose($q); } ?>

3rd place goes to

Keenora and his JPG resizer in 186 chars of PHP:

<?header(‘Content-type:’); list($w,$h)=getimagesize($_GET[a]); $b=imagecreatetruecolor($w/2,$h/2); imagecopyresized($b,imagecreatefromjpeg($_GET[a]),0,0,0,0,$w/2,$h/2,$w,$h); imagejpeg($b)?>

Jury pick

Hartog and the copy of web framework in 111 chars of Perl:

use CGI’:all’; ($a,$b)=path_info=~/.([^\/]+).(.*)/; eval”use $a”; print header.(!$@&&$a->can($b)?$a->$b():“no go”)

Votes distribution

As you can see, the majority of votes went to the winners, although 2nd and 3rd place had a close battle for quite some time. At the same time Twitto was out of reach.

Thank you to all of the awesome participants of 2009 edition of The 140 Characters Webapp Challenge. Thanks to all who voted and commented! It was an exciting event. And those who didn’t make it this time — follow this blog, and see you all next year!

Big thanks to Psychotic_Carp for the superb pixel art trophy icons!

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