Tamas Szikszai
Mar 14, 2018 · 2 min read


When we first started working on f0lio last year the goal was simple: to create a beautiful and easy to use app to keep track of our cryptocurrency portfolios.

“Beautiful” and “easy to use”: Two phrases that are usually associated with Apple. Controversially enough, we decided to release our MVP on the Android platform first in October. The reason was simple: both Alessio and myself were more comfortable working with Java than with Swift. [fun fact, to this day Alessio is yet to write a single line of Swift code (but he knows everything about “double entry bookkeeping”)]

After our initial release the concept seemed to be proven: Users loved the app and they demanded an iOS compatible version.

After months of development (as I said my Swift coding skills were bit rusty) we finally released our first public Beta. With the Beta came a ton of user feedback, so we iterated for weeks. Slowly, but steadily bugs started disappearing, rough edges started to smooth out and the app was suddenly ready for the App Store.

[would rant about how painful the App Store review process were, but in hindsight it wasn’t too bad]

Long story short: It’s here. It’s here and it’s really pretty. Just wait until you see it on the iPhone X’s OLED screen.

We are also on Product Hunt today so please check out our listing. [we have some nice freebies for our PH supporters]

We will be answering all your questions on our PH page and on Telegram so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Get in touch:

Website: f0l.io
Facebook: fb.me/f0lio
Twitter: twitter.com/_f0lio
Telegram: t.me/f0lio
Email: feedback@f0l.io

f0lio — Cryptocurrency Portfolio

I’m a beautiful, user friendly cryptocurrency portfolio app

Tamas Szikszai

Written by

f0lio — Cryptocurrency Portfolio

I’m a beautiful, user friendly cryptocurrency portfolio app

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