What: What struck me the most with Freire is when trying to find the relationship between practice, theory, and knowledge was when he was discussing two important ideas. First was the fundamental belief in the importance of people everywhere and second is having radical democratic beliefs in the capacity and rights of all people to achieve that freedom through self- emancipation (Freire, xxx). The way to achieve both of those rules was by “popular participation.” And the way the people would approach that is by getting education and getting the knowledge needed to make great decisions. It mentions how they could create new societies and make it how they want it if they receive education. Another thing that stuck to me was when Miles was explaining to Paulo how if you do not have a vision of what the people you are serving would become, then you have no way of contributing (Freire, 100). He also explains how the theory you come up with will determine what you want to do for them to grow.

So What: What I think they are referring to is that being in neutrality, you don’t get the big picture, you are just being a follower as described by Myles (Freire, 102). Being in neutrality means that you are not doing what you decide because you are busy following the system. Sometimes it is better to take sides and have the understanding why you took that side. I believe when one is being neutral they aren’t sure what to even think. When one takes that mindset away and takes a side, you are being independent. There is no need to follow a crowd. If you feel strongly about something, hold on to it.

Now What: I feel like I always wanted to go out and engage with the community. This past summer, I was given an opportunity to get an internship in parks and recreation in Novato. I have grown inside of Novato my whole entire life. Having the opportunity and go around and ask the community what they wanted to see instead of just planting whatever the department felt like an eye opener to me. I enjoyed helping them ask members of the community for feedback and I was also given the opportunity to translate many flyers to spanish since there weren’t any. And Novato has a big amount of Spanish speakers. After my internship, I wanted to go out and serve other communities and allow me to help a community grow. I believe that this class will help me achieve my passion into engaging more within a community.