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Liam Thompson
Sep 5 · 2 min read

Our website is now fully updated after the Belgian Grand Prix and with it comes our new statistic of the week, basically just a statistic that we think you’ll love

Whilst you’re here, it’s important to note how the recent driver switch between Gasly and Albon has affected the website and stats. On individual driver profiles such as this, everything continues as normal as the driver’s team doesn’t impact those stats. However, stats such as average fantasy points will now be skewed. Albon will hopefully suddenly consistently have a much higher fantasy point score per race and so his average will dramatically increase compared to when he was with Toro Rosso.

In terms of our constructor pages such as this, our stats have been generated by combining the drivers stats. For example, some constructor stats have combined both Gasly and Verstappen’s stats. This makes it difficult to decide what we should do with constructor stats considering the driver switch. For now, the constructor stats will record the original driver’s stats until we can sort a work around. Sorry!

Alexander Albon: 46% Beat Team Mate Rate 👀

Albon has beaten his teammate in the race almost 50% of the time. This generates an additional +3 fantasy points every time he does this. See here. This makes Albon and Kyat quite evenly matched unlike other teammates on the grid. For instance Raikkonen has beaten his teammate in 92% of races. Since the move to Red Bull we can expect to see Albon’s Beat Teammate Rate decrease where Verstappen consistently outperforms him.


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