Daniil Kvyat — Toro Rosso 👊

Stat of the Week

Liam Thompson
Jun 15 · 1 min read
Melbourne Grand Prix 2019

Our website is now fully updated after the Canadian Grand Prix and with it comes our new statistic of the week, basically just a statistic that we think you’ll love…

Daniil Kvyat: 29% Driver DNF Rate 👀

Kvyat currently holds a DNF rate of 29%, whilst this can be considered a large percentage, surprisingly he does not hold the worst DNF rate, as Grosjean holds a DNF rate of 43%. Interestingly, Ricciardo and Norris also have a DNF rate of 29%.

After Canada he said:

“An absolutely perfect day from our side, we did squeeze everything out of it and the one point is a good reward for overtaking Carlos in the final laps.”

Liam Thompson

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