F1 Fantasy 2021 Guide

Keiren Mullage
Feb 10 · 6 min read

Click here for my post testing thoughts

2021 marks the 3rd season for F1 Fantasy tracker and we look forward to continuing the success of the website and our community from last year. We’re updating the website again for a full new lean look that will be more mobile friendly and we aim to grow the discord even more to build on the great and fun active community we already have. We’ve seen the impact we’ve had on our users and hope we provide that same service to even more, especially with the game being shaken up this year, opening up different varieties of strategies to choose from.

The topics to be covered:

  • Our Impact Last Season
  • Drivers and Constructor Review
  • How to Perform Well
  • Money Making and Gameplay Tactics
  • Team Line-up Examples
  • Final Thoughts

All of the latest discussions, ideas, money making and analysis is done on our very active discord so please come join! — https://discord.gg/jVxGGTrwDG

Join our fantasy private league — https://fantasy.formula1.com/league/359

Our Impact Last Season

On top of these global statistics, members from our community came 1st in the following country leader boards: Canada, Croatia, India, Isle of Man, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia and the USA. With top 3 country positions also secured in: Sweden, United Kingdom, Greece, India and Poland.

Drivers and Constructor Review

Numbers in green represent undervalued drivers, those are drivers who score more points than the millions they are worth, these are the most valuable assets. Numbers in red represent overvalued drivers, drivers who score less points than they are worth, these are less valuable assets.

The numbers in orange are manually adjusted numbers, based on the quality of driver that previously held their seat and what I expect the driver to achieve at the bare minimum. Vettel could very much score on average 16 points per race as well as Alonso. For Gasly, I removed his win as I don’t expect that to happen again and that heavily skews his average.

I divided the constructors value’s in half, leaving constructors that score above 1.65 points per million as the bench mark for registering as undervalued for the millions they are worth. Red Bull could very much reach even higher than 1.85 if Perez does deliver. Red Bull could then ultimately be the best constructor to pick. Aston Martin is left in the red but they suffered from quite a few issues last season, outside of those, they performed well and I would still rate them as a top mid field pick.

How to Perform Well

  • Pick drivers with high value (high points per million on our “prices” page)
  • Keep an eye “last 5 races” averages on our website to spot which drivers are improving, above their regular average to pick them up before others realise they’re becoming good (for example, Sainz performed amazing Russia onwards, Kimi also increased in performance from mid way through the season)
  • Do not kneejerk picks if they suddenly DNF, assess whether its their fault, if its the car, or a situation out of their control and how often that would happen, focus on the averages across the long season.
  • Use streaks and turbos to your advantage to maximise points.
  • Increase your budget in the game so you can afford more expensive and ultimately better players, join our discord where we’re constantly on top of this with the occasional pump and dump of certain assets (We drove Haas up by quite a lot last year) —https://discord.gg/jVxGGTrwDG
  • Use your megadriver when your driver is going to achieve both streaks at the same time, for example Hamilton qualifying P1, finishing P1 and achieving both qualifying and races streaks.

Money Making and Gameplay Tactics

My game plan for 2020 was simple, pick high average point scoring drivers, increase budget to swap out for better average point scoring drivers and ride to the end. I decided to use my megadrive for Hamilton’s second streak, which bagged me extra points versus his first set of streaks as he performed better in the second one. I finished rank 110 due to a mistake in turbo choice for Abu Dhabi, but I peaked at rank 35 and could have finished around rank 27 if I chose the correct turbo. It’s a simple strategy nothing radical and it works.

Team Line-up Examples


Here are what I believe to be the 3 strongest line-ups from what we know. Please note this is before testing and could radically change due to that as well as FP1 and FP2.

Expected average points per race — 150.96. Good flexibility between 3 drivers for turbos. Relies on Ricciardo being comfortable in his new Mclaren and performing well right away. Also having two lack luster Williams so your team heavily relies on those 3 to top out the midfield and even score podiums possibly. If Mclaren are a regular podium team, this team could be amazing. Perez can also score higher than his 18.4 average so there’s that too.
Expected average points per race — 150.6. Limited on turbo flexibility, would need an additional 4.2 mil in profit to pick up Ricciardo, but you have Hamilton and the possibility of Red Bull scoring even more on average due to Perez. This team could be 155.96 average per race if that’s the case, easily. Also gaining “beat team mate” points with 4 drivers there at the bare minimum. Norris could perform better and more consistently this season too.
Expected average points per race — 150.88. Limited on turbo flexibility, would need an additional 2.9 mil to afford Norris instead of Raikkonen. Another limiting factor is Schumacher. If Perez delivers, again the Red Bull’s average points could be much higher, again easily 155.88 points average per race for this line up.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!

Thanks and good luck!


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