Introducing Fantasy Prices 💸

Liam Thompson
Mar 10, 2020 · Unlisted

New Dynamic Pricing & Strategy

Driver and constructor prices have always played a major role in the fantasy game, however this year, keeping track of their prices is more important than ever. There have been a few price-related changes for the 2020 season:

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Turbo Driver increased from $19m to any driver under $20m

Dynamic Pricing

For the 2020 season, driver and constructor prices now change continuously based on additions and removals from all teams. Put simply, prices will increase or decrease based on how popular, or how much demand, a driver or constructor has. This differs from last year, where price changes were influenced by performance in the previous race.

It is important to note that these price changes that will occur after each race will impact your total team value. Total value is the current value of your drivers and
constructor plus your remaining budget. Therefore, it is possible that your total team value exceeds the maximum of $100m if your chosen team’s price increases throughout the season.

Why is this so important?

This change adds a new component to keep in mind to the fantasy game. For example, lets say we add Sainz to our fantasy team for $15.5m. Lets imagine, he does well in the first quarter of the 2020 season and is in high demand, resulting in an increase of his price to $25.5m. If you decide to remove him from your team you will ‘bank’ the $10m price increase, increasing the your budget by $10m and allowing you to spend more on your next driver.

This new dynamic adds another strategy that players can use. Currently based on driver prices, players can not create a team with Hamilton, Bottas and Mercedes as the constructor due to budget restrictions. However, if players can choose drivers that will increase in demand, and therefore price, throughout the season.. by the end of the season we may very well see teams that contain driver combinations that were not possible to create at the start of the season.

New ‘Live Prices’ section

This change has prompted the addition of the ‘live’ driver and constructor prices segment on our Prices page. Similar to a live stock market, you will now be able to see the current driver/constructor price and it’s change from the previous week, with them being sorted from highest to lowest price.

We hope you like the addition of live prices! Good luck for the start of the 2020 season fantasy players 👋

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