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Stat of the Week

Liam Thompson
May 28 · 1 min read

Our website is now fully updated after the Monaco Grand Prix and with it comes our new statistic of the week, basically just a statistic that we think you’ll love…

Kevin Magnussen: -2.17 Average Overtakes Per Race 👎

Currently Magnussen holds the worst score for Average Overtakes per Race. The next closest driver is Ricciardo on -0.67. Magnussen’s average has not been helped by his drive in Monaco. He was given -10 fantasy points for losing 8 positions by the end of the race, he qualified in 6th but finished the race in 14th.

After Monaco he said:

“It’s disappointing to have a result like that when we’ve been so strong all weekend and the team has done an amazing job.”

and added:

“I feel very sorry for everyone. I don’t want to draw any conclusions over what happened — I just feel sorry for everyone and I’m very disappointed for myself.”

Liam Thompson

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