Post Race Recap — Spanish GP

Post Race Recap

Keiren Mullage
May 24 · 2 min read
Lance Stroll and Lando Norris bottle it

Unfortunately the Spanish GP wasn’t the most exciting race however there are some important things to note…

Renault and Haas

In my previous post I mentioned avoiding Renault and Haas and while I still stand by this, we’re shown glimmers of hope from Haas and Ricciardo. Haas managed to put BOTH cars into Q3 and finished in the points for the race with Magnussen finishing ahead of Grosjean, I mentioned that when he gets it right, he really delivers and hes shown that in the race.

Kvyat and Albon

Another topic I discussed was Kvyat and Albon. Over the course of the season we’ll see who is the better pick overall, but in the Spanish GP we get to see what happens when both drivers are in good shape. Kvyat puts in a great time and really knows how to extract the pace from the car, slotting into Q3. Both Albon and Kvyat roughly remained where they qualified which is very respectable considering the depth of the midfield.

Racing Point

The sad note from my previous topics is that Stroll ended up crashing, prior to this Stroll had qualified in 17th and was fighting for position 14. If he managed this he would be on track for his average overtakes per race which he currently leads on our stats.


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