Pre-Race Fantasy Predictions — Austrian GP 🇦🇹

Austrian Grand Prix Fantasy Picks

Keiren Mullage
Jun 28 · 3 min read

The last 2 races in Canada and France have revealed the kind of power that McLaren and Renault possess. This has opened the window for Fantasy pickers to shoot up the ranks with a bit of luck.

Please see the 3 recommended lineups below, the final lineup will be rewarding for people who read the whole post with a table to show the statistics of my reasoning.

Recommended Lineup 1— SAFE 🥉

Balancing high points across Bottas and Verstappen

This’ll be your best bet to achieve maximum points with low risk.

Bottas and Verstappen are consistent in their high placing as well as being efficient for their cost.

The McLarens are showing amazing performance in Formula 1.5, taking positions off of each other but still getting into Q3 and the points so it's strong to have both. Kvyat is still a popular pick with us for his ability to score amazing qualifying positions and race points.

In terms of your turbo driver, I would recommend Sainz for your turbo driver. Norris is fast but doesn’t always show the consistent race pace that Sainz does.

Recommended Lineup 2 — SAFE 🥈

Hamilton as your whale with Raikkonen to back-up

This is an alternate lineup you could run if you prefer to have Hamilton and a mid-cost driver.

Raikkonen can be switched for Perez who performs on avg the same amount of points.

The monster lineup — SMALL RISK, HIGH REWARD 🥇

My gift to you

This lineup will dominate this weekend.

Gasly is currently 1 race away from achieving his 2 Driver streaks. If he qualifies in the top 10 and finishes in the top 10 (very likely) he will score an additional 15 points.

If you remove the Azerbaijan race where he DNF’d due to a crankshaft issue, his average points this season is 16 per race.

Combined these two will get you 31 points, then turbo him due to his low cost and he will net you 62 points. ON AVERAGE.

You’re welcome.

The statistics and data 📈

The first 2 tables show that either recommended line 1 or 2 will work on average, with the 1st one scoring a few more points.

The final table shows the potential of the final recommended lineup. If you’re running the first lineup, it might be worth it to run the final lineup instead for the same price with a potential to double your points.

Please remember these numbers are based on our websites averages as well as our tracking for the streaks.

To see all our fantasy statistics please visit our website. What’s your fantasy team for the Austrian Grand Prix? Leave us a comment below 😀

Keiren Mullage

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