Pre-Race Predictions — Monaco

A different track to the rest..

Keiren Mullage
May 25, 2019 · 2 min read
Grand Hotel Hairpin

The glamorous Monaco Grand Prix is this weekend and offers a different set of challenges to a regular track. Low top speeds but a lot of tight corners that require perfection at all times and can be very harsh on the tyres for a driver. Cars with the best chassis for corners and tyre management will succeed the most here.

Redbull and Verstappen

Redbull have always been strong on this track with Daniel Ricciardo setting pole and winning the race last year while Max set the fastest lap that race. Unfortunately each year Max has been unlucky while pushing it on the track and has suffered in qualifying. With some tapering down he should be able to put his car high on the qualifying list, only just being behind the dominant Mercedes in FP2. Behind Bottas and Hamilton, Max has quietly been a sensational point scorer in the fantasy game being the best pick outside of the top 2, scoring just over 30 points on average per race. He beats his team mate every race which contributes a lot to his personal score compared to the Mercedes who fight to beat each other.

Toro Rosso

Running a similar package as the Redbull and engine, Toro Rosso are in a position to score very good this race. Albon has slotting nicely into P5 which is great to see from the young driver and a possible early indicator for the cars pace.


I speak very highly of Stroll but for this race I’m apprehensive, only half a second faster than the poor showing Williams car. Lance hasn’t had the best performances around this track and with the track being incredibly hard to overtake, Lance’s best traits have been hindered for this race.

Prediction for best fantasy line up

  • Bottas
  • Verstappen
  • Raikkonen or Magnussen
  • Albon
  • Russell or Kvyat

I think its hard to go against Bottas and Verstappen considering their amazing performances and prices.

In terms of the midfield you want someone fast who can put the lap time in qualifying and then ride it home for the race. This sounds like a job for Kevin Magnussen or Raikkonen who sports a respectable car and a wealth of experience at the track.

I feel like the magic in a season winning F1 Fantasy team is between Albon, Kvyat and Russell. These 3 are able to produce a high number of points for their low costs but each come with their own risks for high reward. Russell is sporting the Williams and if there are no DNFs in a race, the points he can score are significantly less. Albon is less experienced and Kvyat has a tendency to get into trouble. I think rotating succesfully through these 3 each week is the best route to success in this game…


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