Prices Guide

Keiren Mullage
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3 min readMar 16, 2021


The best way to maximise your points and end up with the strongest teams is by increasing your budget. This year the prices will be based on performance and on users making team substitutions.

In our discord we’ll have bots dropping alerts as the moment any driver or constructor rises in price so stay up to date —

We’ll also be making coordinated efforts in our community to 1) identify the drivers that are about to go up in price or easiest to force up and 2) to all switch all 3 teams to this driver at the same time to increase their price further akin to a co-ordinated pump and dump. Last year we were responsible for increasing HAAS’ price by $0.5, as well as many many other drivers and constructors at different points (eventually lost count).

This year it’ll take a whole new effort to figure out the pricing system, what actions influence it and by how much and we look forward to it.

From our site we’ll be able to tell you drivers current price, what price they started with and their points per million which is ultimately the statistic that determines whether a driver or constructor is worth their value.

To the right of the main table we’ll be showing you the difference between races, and above that in the banner box we’ll be showing the daily changes and how much by so you can see 3 different timelines of prices on a single page: the season change, race change and daily change.

How to utilise these best?

By staying up to date on our website, you’ll be able to catch trends and price increases daily. By joining our discord you’ll be absolutely up to date with push notifications alerting you of every price change. We’ll also be discussing our community efforts to increase drivers and constructors prices that you get to be a part of from the start. With this increased budget you’ll be able to make those driver upgrades to your squads that’ll mean the difference in winning your leagues