Spain 🇪🇸 — Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Liam Thompson
May 14 · 6 min read

Top Fantasy Picks

So here it is, our top picks for the next Grand Prix taking place in Spain. These are the drivers that we believe will be amongst the top highest fantasy point scorers after completing the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. We will give an explanation behind each driver that we have chosen, which could have been chosen based on a driver’s past performance, a statistic we have gathered, some recent news or just gut instinct. Whilst we don’t expect everyone to agree with all of our picks, we at least hope you can understand our reasoning behind them. We aim to choose high scorers so that you can improve your fantasy team before the race! So, lets begin…

Spotlight Pick 🥇 — Racing Point

The best of the rest constructor?

Normally we give drivers as spotlight picks for the upcoming race, but we thought Racing Point should take the spotlight this week. So far Racing Point have proven to be very reliable, they currently hold a 0% Constructor DNF Rate. They also hold a 0% Engine Failure Rate, the same as Mercedes, as they both share the Mercedes M10 EQ Power+ engine. A common theme throughout these blogs is the importance of not retiring, which generates a costly -15 fantasy points. Before Azerbaijan, Toro Rosso and Williams were the only other constructors to maintain a 0% DNF Rate. With a retirement from Kvyat in Azerbaijain this has now changed. This reliability and performance from Perez in Baku has led to this spotlight pick.

Perez finished in 6th place in Baku after qualifying 5th Place and scoring additional fantasy points beating his team-mate, Stroll, in both. His performance led to his highest scoring fantasy points race so far, and once again highlighted the talent he has. Perez’s price increased by 0.93% this week after his performance and holds a ‘Bang for Buck’ score of 1.40, which is 4th highest, therefore he consistently produces a large number of fantasy points with respect to the price you pay for him. This, and the fact that Lance Stroll currently holds the highest score for Average Overtakes, makes Racing Point a great pick for the upcoming Grand Prix.

Worst Pick 👊 —Renault

The saddest story so far.

Out of all the teams, Renault was the team I really wanted to see thrive this year. I wanted to see Ricciardo outperform the pack, the Renault car to be the fastest on the grid and just wanted some redemption for Ricciardo after how he was treated in 2018 at Red Bull. Sadly, although myself and a lot of people wanted this, so far it hasn’t happened.

Renault hold a constructor DNF rate of 38% which is the highest rate amongst constructors. Ricciardo has an individual DNF rate of 50% and Hulkenburg 25%. The Renault engine has a failure rate of 31%. The Renault engine is shared by Mclaren, who had engine problems in Melbourne and Bahrain. Since both constructors have had engine problems and since the statistic is extremely high, this might highlight a problem with the Renault engine? Certainly a concern for anyone who have Mclaren drivers in their team. However, Ricciardo’s mistake in Azerbaijan, where he locked up whilst attempting to overtake Kvyat and then proceeded to reverse in to him, has not helped his case. With Ricciardo retiring from half of the races so far, whether the fault of the engine or driver, should be enough to persuade you to remove him from your team.

In Depth Analysis

What Valtteri Bottas and George Russell have in common

Racing Point performing well

Renault and Haas

Kvyat and Albon

What to look out for

My recommendations for next week are

  • Bottas
  • Verstappen

Mid Price Drivers

  • Perez
  • Raikkonen

Low Price Drivers

  • Stroll
  • Russell
  • Albon

Having all or mostly consisting of these guys will score you big for the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix.


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Stay up to date on the Formula One fantasy game

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