We’ve just added Driver & Team Streaks 📈

What are they and why you should care

Liam Thompson
May 20, 2019 · 3 min read
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The Spanish grand prix was the first week that we saw certain drivers gain additional fantasy points for streaks. Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Leclerc and Verstappen all gained an additional 5 fantasy points for ‘Top ten in a row qualifying’ and an additional 10 points for ‘Top ten in a row race’. Knowing that there is an opportunity to gain an extra 10 points is huge, and could be what takes your team just that little bit further up the rankings. That’s why it’s vital that you know when a driver or constructor is about to complete a streak.

The current streaks in the official F1 fantasy game are:

  • Driver Qualifying — driver qualifies in Top 10 for 5 races in a row (+5 pts)

It is important to note that when a driver or constructor achieves a streak, that streak will reset and must be built up again. For example: A driver achieves three top tens in a row. He will be awarded a streak, but must achieve another three top tens in a row to get streak points for a second time.

Where can I find them?

Driver and constructor streaks can be seen in a table on our homepage. It shows you the current streak number they are on. Remember, the lucky number for Drivers is 5 and for Constructors is 3.

Take Note of Coloured Drivers

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To make it easier, we’ve added some colouring for you. If you see green you know that the driver/constructor is one race away from completing their streak, and so as long as they can do the streak e.g. qualify Top 10 in the next race, they will get the additional points for it in the next race. So after each race take note of the green drivers. For driver columns they will be displayed as green when they reach number 4, and for constructor columns number 2.

Our orange colouring is applied when drivers/constructors are midway through their streak — those who should be completing their streak relatively soon. For driver columns they will be displayed as orange when they reach numbers 2 and 3, and for constructor columns number 1.


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Adjusted for demonstration

We have circled the streaks that are one away from completion; anywhere you see 4 for drivers and 2 for constructors. In this example, if for instance you are undecided between choosing Vettel or Leclerc for the upcoming race, you should be choosing Vettel (based on streaks). As he would gain an additional 10 points next race as long as he can finish the race in the top 10.

If you see a driver on 5, since they restart their streak after this, they can only gain points for another streak in 5 races time which from todays date, would be in Silverstone.

We hope you like the addition of streaks! Good luck next week fantasy players 👋


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