Why we chose Medium as our new blog home

Liam Thompson
May 14 · 2 min read

Our F1 lovers would have noticed the disappearance of the ‘Top Picks’ section on our website, and in it’s place a ‘Blog’ link. Which would direct you to our Medium home page. From now on we are going to be posting all our fantasy picks, stats of the week and other discussion here.


  1. Notifications 🔔: For users who regularly read our F1 related discussions, Medium provides a great way for you to be notified when we make a new post. Just make sure you are following us!
  2. Discussions 💬: We don’t just want to make content for you to read it, we want to hear your opinions as well. Our website did not have the functionality to do this, but Medium does. So please, if you agree with some of our ‘Fantasy Picks’ let us know, if you don’t agree, also let us know — we are trying to build a community of F1 fanatics who regularly share their opinions!
  3. More content 🏁: Medium makes it easy for us to create more content. We can be writing and sharing our thoughts without the need to be at home in front of a computer. This ultimately allows us to create more content, more regularly.
  4. Community Content ✍: ️We said we want to hear your thoughts and we mean it. We are only in the early stages of our website and already we have found some F1 lovers who want to share their opinions with like minded people. With Medium we can do this. If you’re a Formula 1 fanatic and you want to be able to share your opinion on the next race, make some predictions or create a post about some recent news just let us know! We can add you as an ‘Author’ to the publication and you can post with us.

We hope you agree that we’ve made the right choice with Medium, but for now give us a follow and let us know your opinions.

In true F1 fashion, here’s a quote from Leclerc after the Spanish Grand Prix:

“It was a challenging race. The first stint was quite positive on my side, but then it became more difficult. We wanted to go to the end of the race on the hard compound, but when the Safety Car came out, we realised we would struggle at the restart and so I pitted for a set of mediums.”


Liam Thompson

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