How To Create Your Startup Story

Content is king, but finding his subjects is difficult. In a noisy, overcrowded virtual world, companies struggle to find their voice and actually get heard.

So how do you captivate your target audience?

Freightos, a global marketplace for freight, has risen to industry leader by producing data-driven content on their niche industry for their customers, the press, and even competing companies. VP of Marketing Eytan Buchman led the charge for Freightos to become the content visionaries in shipping and freight. Here is how he found his way, and his takeaways for others.

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Eytan Buchman (Source)

Step 1: Choose a direction

With so many outreach channels available, every marketing team needs to focus in on a specific direction. For Eytan, that meant asking himself the hard questions: “Who are the people that I want to reach? Where are they and what do they want to know? What do they want to hear?” These answers are critical for nailing content planning. For example, The New Yorker’s topics, style and length are different than Sports Illustrated’s; and with each piece of content, you’re asking your audience to pay for it with time, which can be far more expensive than the $8 for a New Yorker.

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Step 2: Create audience-based content

Freightos experienced a big learning curve as to who and what the freight industry was about. They had to gather customer feedback, research competitor offerings, and identify their target audience. Through the process, they found that the decision makers for freight technology in the industry was senior management at target companies, which meant tailoring content for them, not the end user.

What their new-found niche audience desperately wanted was deep, insightful content that helped them orient their job within the context of technology. Taking this critical piece of information, Freightos tailored their brand marketing strategy away from traditional social media and blog posts, opting for condensed data reports full of industry statistics and insights. But they didn’t just compile it; they captured a significant and highly relevant audience of influencers through a focused public relations push and a precisely targeted set of LinkedIn and Facebook ad campaigns. The initial push shot their conversion numbers through the roof.

Step 3: Once you find an effective strategy, run with it

Once Freightos found their value-added window and established their capacity to produce high-quality content, Eytan and his team went further.

Choosing quality over quantity, they identified big fish, and created bespoke campaigns around each individual they wanted to target.

One of their first pushes was towards senior sales leadership at a top 10 global freight forwarder. Using an account-based content marketing strategy, they set about gathering real data directly from the company. They painstakingly created three made-up companies, down to real phone numbers and email addresses. They emailed six of the company’s offices around the world from their ‘ companies’, measuring response time, time to quote, and more. ”We compiled our data into a report specific and sent it off, in a grand gamble that paid off,” says Eytan; “we ended up presenting it to the VP of Sales.” By creating valuable content based on relevant information, they began to win over clients.

Eytan claims one of the biggest advantages of being a B2B marketer is that there’s so much potential for being specific. “The bottom line is this. No person who gets custom-made personalized data is going to say ‘no, thank you’. Quality content makes a huge difference.”

Step 4: Rethink and repackage it to go further

Content doesn’t end with one big push. Data can be used in a number of ways. For example, after employing their company-specific tactic for the leading freight companies, Freightos was able to aggregate all the information into a new data report on the selling tactics of the top 20 freight companies in the world. This created a traditional and social media sharing wave that was published in dozens of publications. This created the buzz needed to create an audience for their quarterly reports, which are read by thousands of people. It worked so well, they started to replicate the report on an annual basis.

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Step 5: It’s all about trust. Don’t abuse your audience

Freightos has also translated their successful data driven approach into their newsletters. Newsletters can be a tough sell in a crowded inbox, as any marketer knows. Yet Freightos regularly receives open rates usually 20% higher than the industry average.

Eytan believes this is because of the trust built with his audience. “Marketers especially must remember when someone gives your company their email address, they are trusting you not to abuse their inbox with spam. They expect value, not aggressive soliciting.”

For this, many Freightos newsletters never actually mention the product. Eytan’s rule of thumb is that only at stage three or four of the nurturing cycle do subscribers even start to hear about the Freightos Marketplace or their logistics cloud platforms. In fact, Freightos has followed the value adding rule throughout their platform. Their website provides free tools right on their homepage. The simple principle converts leads all the time.

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Freightos has come a long way in content creation, rising visibly in an often obscure industry. Eytan’s guiding philosophy when it comes to content: “As a company, you should provide as much value as you can to your target audience, and eventually you will get the value out of them.”

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