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Oriient has partnered with Instacart, the leading online grocery platform in North America providing the grocery giant with its Indoor GPS technology. This technology powers Instacart’s searchable store map, guiding shoppers to the precise location of every item they are looking for.

The success of grocery delivery depends on its people and the organization’s investment in them, with this partnership, Instacart is able to provide the best in-store experience for their shoppers and as a result, their retailers and customers.

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From providing pulse checks that are foundational to business operations to intelligently automating daily tasks through machine learning, data has become the central nervous system for decision-making in organizations of all sizes.

To help cut through the noise after a record-breaking 2021, A16z compiled the inaugural class of the Data50- the bellwether companies across the most exciting categories in data. Among them, Explorium, the external data enrichment and integration tool that analyzes data models, searches its wide collection of thousands of external data signals, and automatically discovers the most relevant signals to improve analytics and machine learning.

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A16z’s list of top 50 data companies

Ori Cohen and Neta Rozy, two of the founders of Parametrix insurance- the only company in the world offering downtime insurance- have been featured on Israel’s Forbes 30 Under 30.

Oi, the COO, and Neta, the CTO, both grew up in the United States and inherited their entrepreneurial spirit from their parents, and are passionate, inspiring leaders of their always growing Parametrix team. Explaining her decision to move to Israel and build her personal and professional life in Israel, Neta explains: “A big part of entrepreneurship is the need to get out of the comfort zone and never stop learning new things and pave a different path from others.”

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Ori Cohen & Neta rozy

Explorium has released new Salesforce integration capabilities, updates to its user interface, and added company workforce data to its data offering. As the need for external data grows and businesses look for shorter time to insights, new enhancements address user requests to make analytics and machine learning more efficient.

“Our latest enhancements will enable customers to easily use data in applications of their choice such as Salesforce. Explorium’s expanded data gallery with new datasets gives users easy access to a wider variety of data that is ready to use,” says Chen Admati, VP of Product and Platform GM.

Learn more about their new integration

Israel’s leading VC’s and financial institutions were asked to nominate and rank startups for Israel’s Most Promising Fintech Startups, with Parametrix ranking first in the Insurtech category!

In keeping with the overall theme of innovation, the winning companies — Balance, Access Fintech, 8Fig, Parametrix Insurance, Graulate, Noname Security, ZenGo and Sedric — were awarded an NFT.

Parametrix Team

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