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[PoW Round-Up] Bitcoin increases its difficulty for the first time in 2 months, Ethereum celebrates its 6th anniversary!

Learn about industry news, development updates, community happenings, and other aspects of the PoW world!

After some multiple difficulty decreases, the Bitcoin network has a positive increase. The EIP3675 draft has been merged to move Ethereum to PoS.

Mining industry

  • Bitcoin

The latest bitcoin network difficulty adjustment happened on July 31. After 4 drops in a row in the last 2 months, it climbed by 6.03% to 14.5 T, based on an average block time of 9 mins 26 secs.

  • Ethereum

Miners of the Ethereum network have seen their mining revenues increase after ETH soaring.

Dev and network

  • Bitcoin

v22.0rc1: Bitcoin Core 22.0 release candidate 1, the first version using its new naming convention.


  • Ethereum

EIP-3675’s draft has been merged. It is a proposal relevant to the consensus upgrade for Proof-of-Stake. The document specifies the set of changes to block structure, block processing, fork choice rule, and network interface introduced by the consensus upgrade.

  • Ethereum Classic

On July 24, Ethereum performed the Magneto hardfork successfully. F2pool mined the first block post-fork!

  • Firo

Firo’s v0.14.7.1, the new maintenance version, was released with bug fixes. Its Lelantus proof verification and proving are about to get much faster with multi-core optimizations, click to read more.

  • Digibyte

A successful sync with send & receive of Digibyte’s v8.22.0 test client has been completed. This is a complete merge of the latest Bitcoin v22 with DGB 7.17.3. Check here to keep updated.

Application and adoption

  • Bitcoin

Lightning node capacity exceeds 2100 Bitcoin increasing 28% in 30 days. The number of channels is now more than 61000 seeing a significant increase of 17.4%.

  • Dash

Dash has launched an instant savings retail app that will allow users to save and spend DASH across 155,000 locations in the United States.


  • Ethereum

On July 30, Ethereum celebrated its 6th birthday!


AllCoreDevs 005 was held to talk about London and the Merge. Details here.

  • Decred

A crypto conference and a sci-fi miniseries proposal were published in the Decred community. Check Decred’s latest Politeia Digest to take a look at its recent proposals.

The PoW Round-Up is our bi-weekly report on the major news and mining insights in and around the Proof of Work ecosystem. Monitor and help secure the PoW world with f2pool.



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