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[PoW Round-Up] Bitcoin rainy season-ending, Horizen security update

PoW Round-Up is our weekly report on the major news and mining insights in and around the Proof of Work ecosystem. Monitor and help secure the PoW world with f2pool.

Over the last week, we have seen the Bitcoin network hashrate plunge to 120 EH from around 160 EH.

Other highlights include a security update for Horizen and the expected release date of the DigiByte RandomX mining implementation.


With the concentration of mining facilities and hashrate in southern China, we can’t forget how important the end of the Bitcoin rainy season is every year, setting a precedent where the mining difficulty tends to stagnate or even decrease over the months of October-November while the hardware is moving from one facility to another.

Some miners take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade their hardware and face the upcoming year with new devices.

We can see how the next expected difficulty adjustment, a lagging indicator of the network hashrate, is expected to decrease 6.6% from 19.99 T to around 18.6 T.

Bitcoin Cash

The second test instance of the new difficulty adjustment algorithm ASERT was successful. The upgrade is proposed for November 2020.


After a third-party code audit, the ZEN team released a security update, ZEN 2.0.22, with minor changes to fix the vulnerabilities discovered.

This update requires a hard fork at mainnet block 835968. The software upgrade won’t affect users, only exchanges, pools, and node operators.



The RandomX mining implementation, which was announced last April, has been put back on the development schedule and is expected to get into the codebase by the end of November.





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