5 Videos about Aviation and the Environment That You Need to See

The FAA and the aviation community are working to shrink their environmental footprint. These are some of the ways that energy and fuel are being saved, waste is being reused, and noise is being reduced.

shadow of an airplane over solar panels

Rollin’ to the Runway

The FAA is deploying a new software capability at airports across the country that gets planes rolling directly to the runway, reducing fuel burn and taxi time.

Watch on YouTube.

Optimized Profile Descents

OPDs (Optimized Profile Descents) are benefiting passengers, airlines and the environment with smoother, more efficient arrival procedures. Watch here.

Aircraft Noise

This aircraft noise simulation illustrates the perceived noise on the ground during an aircraft fly-by. Noise is generated by the interaction of the airframe with air flow and by the engines.

Watch on YouTube.

Tucson airport solar panels

Here is a one-year update of the environmental effect of solar panels operating at Tucson International Airport.

Watch on YouTube.

O’Hare Gold LEED Tower

There is something different about the south air traffic control tower at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Watch here.

people giving a speech in front of the chicago o’hare international airport south air traffic control tower

Find more information about the FAA and its sustainability efforts at its Sustainability Gateway Page.

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Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Aviation Administration

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