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During National Drone Safety Awareness Week, the FAA is sharing your joy of flying drones safely through photo submissions.

If you own a drone, chances are you’re taking pictures with it and are passionate about flying. We’d love to see how you fly during National Drone Safety Awareness Week. Send your photos our way and we may feature them on our Twitter or Facebook FAA Drone Zone accounts, September 13–19.

What’s National Drone Safety Awareness Week?

National Drone Safety Awareness Week connects community events across the country to share the joy of flying drones safely.

Each day of the week has a dedicated theme, along with a targeted purpose:

Monday: safe flyers take the recreational unmanned aircraft safety test (TRUST).

Tuesday: register your drone and mark it properly.

Wednesday: become part of the flying community.

Thursday: new rules like Remote ID and Operations over People.

Friday: public safety and public acceptance.

Weekend: share the skies, get out and fly. You worked hard all week. Go fly this weekend.

Additional details about the themes may be found on our website.

How can I participate?

Fly Safe: Most importantly, make sure you follow the rules and are authorized to fly in the airspace when you take your photo. The B4UFLY app and the FAA’s airspace authorization capability, known as LAANC, are great resources that help you know what airspace is around you and how to fly safely before you takeoff.

LAANC also lets you request and receive permission to fly in controlled airspace. Approved companies have created apps that you can download via Apple and the Google Play store.

Share: Email your photos to by Friday, September 3, along with your Twitter or Facebook handle if you’d like us to tag your photo. You can even share the technical details (camera settings, etc.) of the photo for your fellow drone shutterbugs to see!

Follow Us & Help Share the Safety Message: Be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook FAA Drone Zone accounts the week of September 13–19 for some great drone photos. If you want to help promote this photo initiative in your drone community, be sure to use #DroneWeek and #DronePhoto.

You can get more info about the week and how to fly safely on our webpage.

Woman flying drone over a field.
Woman flying drone over a field.

Submission Requirements (PDF)

  • All entries must be submitted to by Friday, September 3.
  • Submitted photo file size cannot exceed 5MB
  • File format: .jpeg, .jpg or .png
  • Photo must be taken by a drone, or have a drone in the photo
  • Photos must be obtained by flying pursuant to the requirements posted at
  • Only provide the first name or Twitter handle of the submitter and a single email point of contact for each submission
  • Technical details, such as type of camera settings, exposure information, etc, are optional. We may use this info to help others learn what it takes to create beautiful images with their drones!


While not all submitted photos will be featured, we’ll evaluate images to share on our social media based on the following:

  • Appropriateness
  • Composition
  • Content
  • Creativity

That’s it!

Fly safe, have fun, and let’s see those photos!

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