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Service Bulletins and the Aircraft Owner

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Are Service Bulletins Mandatory?

Are Service Bulletins the Same as Airworthiness Directives?

If Service Bulletins Are Not Mandatory, Can I Ignore Them?

Service Bulletins may contain instructions on cylinder torque specs. These photos show the result of a fatigue failure of the №2 cylinder studs and through bolts and the fracture of the crankcase that led to the loss of engine power, which could have been prevented by following the instructions from the manufacturer.
Service Bulletins:1) Inform you about the manufacturer’s recommended inspection and maintenance items for your aircraft.2) Help you detect trends and spot weaknesses.3) Advise you about items that may be wearing faster than anticipated or items that you or your mechanic might overlook.
Examples of different types of Manufacturer Service Bulletins.
Examples of different types of manufacturer Service Bulletins.

Service Bulletins call attention to improvements you should make to enhance your safety. Do not ignore them.

Here’s What Can Happen If You Ignore a Service Bulletin

Photos of the Cessna T337 crash.

Where Can I Find Service Bulletins For My Aircraft?

Image of Continental Aerospace Tehnology’s Service Bulletin website.
Screenshot of a manufacture’s Service Bulletin database.

Watch Service Bulletins in 57 Seconds


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